Stories of Queer Africa



Selly Thiam

Selly Thiam is a journalist and oral historian whose work has appeared on NPR, PBS and in Colorlines Magazine. Selly was formerly the producer for the StoryCorps Griot Initiative, which gathered over 2000 interviews from African-Americans across the United States. She is the founder of None on Record.

crewimage52_site_big_thumbProgram Manager: North America
Notisha Massaquoi

Notisha Massaquoi is originally from Sierra Leone and currently resides in Canada. Her most recent publication is the edited anthology Theorizing Empowerment: Canadian Perspectives on Black Feminist Thought. She is the winner of the 2008 IRN-Africa Audre Lorde award for outstanding writing. She is currently working on a second collection with Selly K. Thiam entitled, None on Record: Stories of Queer Africa.



K_DearhamProgram Manager: East Africa

Kat Dearham is a Nairobi-based researcher and anthropologist specializing in gender, sexuality, and identity issues in activist communities. Kat has worked for Indigenous Information Network, where she was a writer and editor for Nomadic News magazine. She holds an MA in Public Issues Anthropology from the University of Guelph.

crewimage37_site_big_thumbGRAPHIC DESIGN
Wesley Hall

Wesley Hall is a Chicago based graphic designer and illustrator. He has designed album covers and press kits for a variety of local jazz musicians, done illustration for Blacklist online magazine and was a designer for Ten by Ten Magazine. He works with community based artists to support the creation of print materials and graphics to enhance the overall look of their work.

crewimage59_site_big_thumbContributing Editor
Nadia Reiman

Nadia graduated from Kenyon College with a double major in International Studies and Spanish Literature. She is currently producing for StoryCorps in Brooklyn, NY and before worked in the  Washington-based Spanish language radio show Epicentro, where her work included booking guests, interviewing Spanish-speaking members of Congress and editing weekly radio reports.

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