The Seeking Asylum Series follows Bisi Alimi, Skye Tenevimbo, John Bosco Nymobi and Uche Nnabuife: four LGBTI Africans who leave their home countries to claim asylum in the United Kingdom.

After the president said that there were no gays in Nigeria, Bisi Alimi decided to come out on national television. He didn’t expect to be physically attacked. Bisi feared for his safety so his family gathered all their resources to send him to the United Kingdom.

When Skye Tinevimbo became an open critic of President Robert Mugabe’s homophobic stance while studying in England, her family was harassed at home in Zimbabwe. After she applied for asylum in England she was held illegally for 24 hours.

After fleeing Uganda’s police crackdown on gay men, John Bosco Nymobi arrived in London and was detained for four months in a UK detention center. He was  eventually deported back to Uganda only to be snatched up and interrogated by Ugandan police accusing him of recruiting boys into homosexuality.

Uche was outed in his small village in Nigeria when he was a young man. He was found kissing another boy and was beaten and tortured by neighbors he had known most of his life. When he was old enough, Uche entered the UK illegally and lived and worked in London until his arrest in 2009.

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